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Google Ads will allow you to record the calls made in the ads

When we configure an ad in Google we can do it so that the user makes a call to our business. It is one of the many functions that exist on the platform, which allows someone to search for something on the Internet to find us in the top positions, even if we are not well positioned in the SEO world.

Logically that has a price, every time someone clicks on an ad or every time someone uses the calling function, we will pay for it, and depending on the category and the competition, it can pay a lot.

Now Google Ads has launched a new feature that allows advertisers to record phone calls that occur from ads or call extensions, although they are currently only available in the United States.

The goal is to examine the quality of the conversion beyond just looking at the total calls and the duration of the calls.

Today there are third-party providers that offer tracking outside of Google, but smaller advertisers may have a free solution, already on Google, to get a similar feature.

Google will only save recordings for 30 days, and the call recording includes only numbers in the US.

To enable call recording, we must have call reporting enabled on the account, as well as verified domain ownership for all URLs associated with call announcements and extensions. To activate it, we will go to Account Settings, accessing the Call Report section from there. Click on Enabled in Save call recordings for 30 days.

Logically, the callers will hear a message informing them that the call is being recorded.

To listen to recordings, we will go to Reports from the top menu. We will select Predefined Reports> Extensions> Call Details, and we will add the Recording column in the report to play the audio of the call.

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