Google and Salesforce will add two new productivity integrations at the end of the year

The union is the force, says a saying, although the technology companies know this very well and that is why agreements are usually reached between them to improve the offers they offer to their users or clients.

In this regard, with a focus on improving productivity through the cloud, Google and Salesforce continue to cooperate with each other to launch new integrations. This time, thanks to a new effort from both, they will be out soon Salesforce Lightning for Gmail and Sales Cloud and Google Sheets, two integrations specially designed for sales managers.Salesforce Lightning for Gmail: This first integration unites CRM and email services, making it easier for sales managers to be more efficient on a day-to-day basis by optimizing the tasks they must carry out. According to Google in their ad, they will be able to review Salesforce records based on emails, add contacts from address books to Salesforce, and even create new Salesforce records, all through Gmail.

This integration will begin testing at the end of the year, being available for free to all Salesforce customers, who must previously be enrolled in the testing program by Salesforce account administrators.

Sales Cloud and Google Sheets: And this second integration will allow linking the Sales Cloud list view to a Google spreadsheet with the ability to directly view, edit and delete data. In addition, it is also possible to view, edit and delete records within Google Sheets and the changes made synchronize them again with Salesforce.

Regarding this second integration, it will begin its beta phase at the end of this year for all customers of this Salesforce solution. These two new integrations add to the list of integrations carried out to date.