Google announces a new search feature, Google Instant

Google announces a new search feature, Google Instant

We continue with news from the Google world to show Google Instant, a new search function that provides innovation and speed in obtaining results, improving the infrastructure and the search engine interface.

We calculate that Google Instant can save the user between 2 and 5 seconds per query and, if used globally, we estimate that it could help save more than 3.5 billion seconds a day and about 11 hours every second.

The user does not have to finish typing the search they are carrying out or press the enter key to obtain the results, as this new functionality offers: Dynamic Results, Search Prediction and Faster Searches.

From the official press release we read:

Dynamic results: While the user types in the search box the concept or term they want to find, Google Instant offers them results that can help them refine their search and find what they want more efficiently. The results will vary as the user completes the term or concept to be searched.

Search prediction: Google Instant completes the search that the user is doing in light gray before the user finishes typing.

Faster searches: the user can scroll through the predictions that Google Instant is suggesting and find the results that are offered, automatically, for each of the alternatives without having to press enter or click on them.

In the video (1 minute) we can see in the presentation what are the bases of this function, extracted from the official blog of the company.

You can see more videos in the section of the corresponding press area.

Google Instant is available to all users of in English and those who use the search engine in Russia, in addition to all users who log in with their Google account in Spain, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom. .