Google announces changes to put Google+ in its rightful place

Google is becoming aware that having focused all its services towards Google+ has been a mistake that it wants to remedy and leave Google+ in its rightful place, no more and no less. In this sense, minutes ago they announced that they will carry a series of changes over the next few months in a progressive manner, perhaps one of the most important being that the Google+ profile no longer represents the user's identity to access all the services and its possibilities offered by Google, YouTube being the first service where it will be carried out.

In this way, Google+ will no longer have a place within YouTube, so that comments made by users on YouTube will not appear within Google+, and vice versa. That is, the features of reviewing comments, blocking malicious words and other aspects of managing them if they will be maintained, just like on Google+.

In addition, Google will offer those users who have been forced to have a Google+ profile that they will not use, to have better options to manage and delete their public profiles.

Regarding Google+, they point out that they will be adding new features similar to Collections under the focus of making Google+ a place to get involved based on shared interests, with the content and the people who inspire it. In addition, they will remove features not considered essential, as they already did with the photographic function, moving many of the elements to the new Google Photos application, and will launch the function of sharing locations in Hangouts and in other applications. With this, they try to make Google+ a more useful and attractive service.

As we can see, Google+ will not disappear but will become a more useful social experience under a determining approach, leaving behind the focus of becoming the cornerstone of Google services, as users have criticized many times, criticisms that have not gone unnoticed by Google.