Google announces the arrival of Tango Project kits in 12 new countries

From the Google blog announce news related to the Tango Project, an experimental mobile Android device that has 3D sensors to understand the environment around it, thus helping users to interact with the software off the screen (one step further in the world of Virtual Reality).

Now they comment that the development kits of Project Tango They will arrive in South Korea and Canada starting today, and on August 26 they will be available in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, remembering that this kit is only available for developers (can be ordered on Google Play).

It has a wide-angle camera, a depth sensor camera, a precision sensor and software that allows, as we can see on its official website, to work in different fields, from architecture to medicine to leisure.

They have already sent more than 3,000 devices to developers in the United States, professionals who have created hundreds of applications from different categories: navigating a space without GPS, enjoying 3D virtual worlds, measuring physical spaces … Google even has an application contest for this project.

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