Google Assistant

Google Assistant will prevent you from wasting time on waiting calls

Google announced a curious function that takes advantage of the potential of its Assistant so that waiting calls are not a nightmare.

Hold for me is the name of this function that is integrated into the Google Telephone application and removes the user from the monotonous task of being glued to the cell phone in a waiting call.

You already know that when that music plays in the background on a call it is a bad omen. You don’t know how long you’ll have to wait for an operator to get on the phone. Those are the kinds of situations that the Google Assistant is going to avoid you with a very simple dynamic.

When you call and are put on hold, Google Assistant will wait for you, so you can continue with your routine:

Your call will be muted so you can focus on something else, but at any time, you can check the captions in real time on your screen to know what is happening on the call.

And when the Assistant detects that someone answers the call, it will alert you to take control of the communication. In addition to vibrating or making a sound, it will show you a message on the screen with the option to return to the screen.

And so that this is not confusing for the user on the other end of the phone, the Assistant will ask you to wait a moment. An interesting and practical dynamic. The Google team has also mentioned that the entire Assistant process is done locally on the device, so the call is not stored or shared with anyone.

At the moment, this feature that works with toll free numbers, is only available for the United States and for the new Google Pixel.