Google buys Canadian smart glasses company

Despite all efforts, Google has not achieved any success in the segment of smart glasses, although the company does not throw in the towel, and now resorts to the purchase of North, a Canadian company, founded in 2012 under the name Thalmic Labs. , defined by Google itself as a pioneer in the segment of human computing interfaces and smart glasses.

Neither company has disclosed the economic terms of the agreement, although some media estimate the cost of the operation carried out at $ 180 million. North’s team will join Google at its headquarters in Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada.

North and Google share the vision that technology is integrated into our daily habits, being present in our day to day but invisibly, without causing us any inconvenience when we do not want to use it.

Rick Osterloh is more explicit using the name of ambient computing, as a model where you always have the help (of technology), where all the devices work together, and the technology fades into the background.

North began with Myo, a bracelet dedicated to translating neuromuscular impulses from people’s gestures into signals that computer systems understand. They then went from investigating new forms of interaction to focusing on Focals, their concept of holographic smart glasses, with a design whose projection was pointed directly at the lenses of the glasses instead of the eye.

Now, with the acquisition, North is reducing support for its first-generation glasses, Focals 1.0, also noting that there will be no new generation, which has been waiting for months.

From now on a new chapter opens in North, now under the Google umbrella, for the development of new useful devices and services. Interestingly, this move became official the same day we met Facebook’s new smart holographic glasses.