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Google Calendar adds an option so you don’t forget scheduled meetings

The Google team is improving the dynamics of Calendar with a small option that makes it easier for users to keep track of their commitments.

This option will be enabled by default, but you can customize it according to your needs.

New Calendar feature so you don’t forget scheduled events

While we can be very organized by scheduling all events on the calendar, if we don’t pay attention to reminders, we may forget our commitments. A problem that can be fixed with the latest Calendar update.

Google Chrome allows us to activate notifications for some of the web services we use, although they are not always relevant. So it is easy to ignore notifications when we are working from the computer, even those that alert us that we have a meeting or a certain commitment.

To fix this, Google now allows Calendar notifications to be postponed directly from the alert message. So instead of dismissing the notification relying on our memory, we can postpone it. If you just take that action, the Google Calendar notification will reappear a minute before the scheduled event, but you can change the settings.

And all this dynamics can be done from the same notification, as shown in the image above. You will not have to waste time going to the calendar settings, nor will you risk forgetting the event. A simple dynamic that requires some conditions to make it work.

For example, it only works with the Google Chrome browser and it is necessary to have the notifications activated as well as the Calendar open in a tab. Yes, it may seem like too many requirements, but you can easily set the Calendar tab and keep it separate from the rest of the tools we use for our productivity.

One detail to keep in mind is that this Calendar update is only intended for those users with Google Workspace accounts. Maybe it will spread to personal accounts in the future.