Google Circles - The new social network that Google could be preparing

Google Circles – The new social network that Google could be preparing

This is reported in RWW, where they comment that even Tim O’Reilly has seen her and was surprised with the application. We must not forget that Google already has a social network, Orkut, with quite limited success to Brazil and India (where Facebook has already beaten the number of users). Taking this into account, We cannot expect Google Circles to be a social network with similar characteristics, neither duplicating the functions of Facebook will work, nor creating a clone of your failed Orkut will make sense. Google Circles will have to offer something very different to what we have today. According to rumors, we could share photos, videos and messages, but only among the circles of friends that we decide, not among all of them, as on Facebook. Circles with different configurations should be created within the contact group, hence the name Google Circles. The idea makes sense … do we share the same thing between coworkers, neighbors and childhood friends? No, and on the Internet it should not be different. Although it may be considered a future alternative to Twitter and Facebook, I personally prefer to consider that, if its launch is confirmed, it will be a complement. I comment on this for two reasons: 1 – I never considered Twitter as a social network and as a content network, where links to relevant news from day to day are highlighted. It is not very common to use Twitter to share personal matters, as on Facebook. 2 – I don’t think it’s possible convince our Facebook contacts to use another platform. This migration of services is something that, if done, is done in the very long term and for very justified reasons. On Facebook they know how to adapt quickly to crises, if they detect a danger, they will create very effective tools to combat it. For now we will have to wait for official statements from Google. You can read more details about the rumor on RWW and The Next Web, as well as read what I personally expect from this social network.