Google Contributor, a system to avoid Google ads paying monthly, is now open in the United States

Until now it was open to a very limited set of users in the United States, but now the program is available to anyone within that country, as announced by Matt Cutts from Twitter.

We talk about Google Contributor, a Google project, available at, which offers an alternative way to pay content creators: a fixed monthly fee to avoid ads.

The idea is simple: if a reader does not like to see so many ads on their favorite sites, they can make a payment via Google Contributor so that many of them disappear, a money to go also to the publisher, not only to Google.

Readers can pay $ 2, $ 5, or $ 10 a month, and publishers will be able to display a thank you message instead of the banner ad, as well as a gray pixelated area.

Website administrators who want to participate in this new way of making money online will have to access this support page to understand the installation process, the requirements, limits and distribution of earnings.

The concept is good, without a doubt, although we will have to wait several months to verify if, indeed, readers hate advertising as much as to decide to pay a fixed monthly fee to avoid it.