Google Docs

Google Docs improves the dynamics to convert a PDF into a document

Google Docs is getting an interesting update that will make it easy to convert a PDF file into a document.

Although Google Docs has long given the possibility of converting PDF, it now supports more formatting options and different details are taken into account so as not to lose the design in the final results.

Improvements to convert PDF and edit them with Google Docs

A weeks ago, Google Drive was updated with a new dynamic that makes it easy to open any type of file with a simple click to go directly to the editor. Following that same line, the dynamics to convert and edit PDF files from Google Docs is improved.

When we upload a PDF file to Drive we can use the viewer to preview or convert it for editing from Google Docs. However, we do not always get the expected results. The font, the images or the format can be a problem.

This is what Google is trying to fix with its latest update. From now on, support is added for more formatting and layout options, so you may not have a problem converting a document from a PDF with tables, columns, images, etc.

Text styles and formats will also be preserved, whether you’ve used different types of colors, fonts, or highlighted some part of the text. Of course, if you use common layouts and fonts, you are more likely to retain all the characteristics of your PDF.

And an interesting detail is that the images will also retain the size and format of the original file. So you no longer have to waste time trying to reorganize your document so that it does not lose the PDF format.

All layout and formatting features will be preserved automatically. And of course, the user can edit it to remove or add elements, change colors, add images, etc. This update is already available as of today in different versions of Google Workspace.

How to convert a PDF on Google Drive

If you want to convert a PDF file using Google Drive to test the new dynamics, you can do it with a few simple steps. You just need to upload your PDF and then select Open with Google Docs. You will see that your PDF automatically becomes a document.

From there, you can edit it using all the functions of Google Docs. Or you can create a copy, save it as a Google document, download it in different formats, share it with other users, among other options. And of course, you can enable access to the document to view it offline.