Google Drive

Google Drive now allows you to open desktop applications from the preview

Last year, Google enhanced the functions of Google Drive allowing users to have the possibility to open their files with applications installed on their computer.

Now the Google team has turned their attention to a small detail that makes it much easier for us to benefit from this feature: we can launch the desktop applications from the preview.

That is, as we go through our files from Preview, we can stop at the one that we need to use by opening it with the application of our team, as we see in the image:

The distribution remains the same, first we will have Applications from your computer and then Connected Applications compatible with the file we want to open.

For this, the requirements remain the same. We need to have installed the Google Drive application for Mac or PC and have our files synchronized. Then, automatically we will see all the applications on our desktop that will serve us with the file that we are going to manipulate.

It is a small update that will save us a few clicks and continue our work rhythm without interruptions when we need to combine the files stored in Drive with our favorite applications.

If we have never tried this feature, we can give it a try by following the steps we discussed earlier.