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Google Duo releases subtitles for voice and video messages

Has it ever happened to you that you have received an audio message but you cannot hear it clearly because you are in an environment with a high enough noise level? Well, this situation is being solved in Google Duo for voice and video messages with the new subtitles function.

This function is beginning to reach the Google Duo application, as reported by the @MadebyGoogle account on its Twitter profile. Captions for messages will appear at the bottom of the screen and above the application call button.

Certainly, this feature is not only ideal for those trying to learn the content of voice and video messages from a noisy environment, but will also be useful for those who may have a hearing problem.

The development of this feature was first seen at the end of last February thanks to Jane Manchun Wong, who observed a new configuration preference for messages.

Android Police notes that the new feature does not make use of Live Caption technology, which allows real-time transcription of voice message content on Pixel phones.

This function sends messages to Google’s servers to generate subtitles, without keeping anything stored on Google’s servers.

Thanks to this, this function can work on any Android phone, in addition to Google Pixel phones, and on iOS, as a spokesperson pointed out to the aforementioned medium.

It will be a matter of gradually reaching all users. As we have pointed out previously, it has its corresponding switch in the message configuration options, so that users can activate or deactivate it according to their convenience.

This is one of the advances that were pending to come, despite the slowdown in the pace of development in favor of Meet, as we informed you days ago.