Google explains how it treats new top-level domains in its search engine

They will have the domains .london preference over the rest when looking for content and places in London ?, it is better to buy a domain .how From an SEO point of view ?, Google favor new top-level domains (TLD)?… There are many questions that have been asked since top-level domains have multiplied, and today Google answers all of them in this page they just published.

The quick answer is NO, Google will treat these new domains in the same way as the rest, nor will it make a geographical distinction and treat the transfers from old domains to new domains in the same way as it has always done (explained on this page) .

Regarding ccTLDs (top-level domains with country code, such as .uk, .ae, etc.), he comments that he uses most of them to perform the geographic segmentation of the website, but not to make any special changes because it is a new top level domain. They talk about this in this other support page.

In short: switching to a top-level domain, type .guru, for example, can be good for readers to remember more easily, but it does not affect SEO at all, Google does not treat them in a special way, either for better or for worse .