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Google Images will begin to give more information about the content of some images

Google has constantly improved its image search engine by offering additional features that go beyond simply accessing the desired image. Now, the company announces the arrival of a new feature that will build on the millions of pieces of data available in its Knowledge Graph for users to can know aspects related to the content of the image they have selected in your searches.

In this sense, after searching and selecting a specific image, users will find below it a series of topics related to the people, places or things found in that image. Simply select one of the related topics to get a brief description of it.

Thanks to this, users can expand your knowledge of the selected image, being able to know aspects related to a specific natural area, such as its location and the fauna and flora that inhabit it, a brief history about the historical monument in which they may have been interested, the construction style of a famous architect, or even some of the most important works of a writer, to give a few examples.

Accompanied by the description, Google also provide a link so that users can go much deeper into the selected topic Through the official website that can provide more data to the users themselves.

Google points out that use deep learning to determine the most relevant of the selected image and match it with existing topics in the Knowledge Graph to show them to users in case they have found matches.

This new feature initially reached mobile searches in the United States for some images of people, places, or things on Google Images, with the idea of ​​expanding over time to more images, more languages, and more places.