Google is NOT working on a mobile facial recognition app

Update: Google has denied that it is developing a facial recognition application for mobile phones, as some sources have reported from CNN. In Google’s words:

As we have stated over a year ago, we will not include facial recognition in the Goggles mobile application until we have guaranteed privacy protection in the product. At the moment we have nothing to announce in this regard.

Original text:When you are in a place and you take pictures with your acquaintances through your mobile phone, do you remember the names of each of them? If the answer is no, in the near future you may have a new application that Google is developing, which will tag each of the people who appear in your photos, in addition to offering other information about themSounds good, doesn’t it? Well, the truth is that I do, and if you are one of those who thinks that Google violates your privacy with said facial recognition app, do not worry, since it is the users who will voluntarily choose whether or not to share such personal information, with what if not, you will not be able to have tagged those people who have decided not to share their personal information.Although Google is developing this application, about which little is known, It is not the first time that Google uses this recognition technology, and there we have Google Goggles, available for Android and Iphone terminals, which allows users to obtain information on everything they capture through their cameras, landscapes, objects, illustrations … Also, keep in mind that Google already uses facial recognition technology in applications such as Picasa and Picasaweb.With this step taken by Google, the tagging of photos will be automated for the people who are in them, although that is, Google is going to be more careful to avoid future privacy-related issuesas he seems to have learned in his day from mistakes made on Buzz.Va cnet.com