nuevo google keep

Google Keep, Google's notes app, replaces the "+" button with a bar

If you use the Google Keep application, the recent Google tool for creating quick and multimedia notes, on your Android devices, you should know about the important change that will appear in its next update: The floating button in the lower right part of the app, characteristic of designs based on Material Design, disappear from Keep:

Apparently, it had not been as efficient having to resort to more than one step if you did not choose a drag – to access the creation of a new quick note, to-do list, audio recording or photography. So, disappear the floating button (FAB) to make way for a new and clean options bar that includes the four previous functions.

Additionally, a new icon will be displayed in the upper right corner to change the way the notes are viewed, making the cards, with a touch, change from a predetermined width to fit the full screen; The icon is made up of small rectangles and comes to replace the vertical dots displayed by a menu.

Of course, the movement by Google is still curious because although it is understandable that it thinks about improving interactions to make them more efficient, it seems contradictory that on the one hand it encourages the adoption of Material Design until Evernote, its competition, opted for such a visual guide – and then cut off one of his most important traits within Keep.

Anyway, we have to wait for the update to see the changes in action or simply download the latest version of the app from APK Mirror. (Goes: Android Police)