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Google Launches "360 Degree Video Ads" Inside YouTube

Attention, AdWords advertisers! The latest wonder in terms of playing videos is now within reach of your campaigns: 360-degree video ads within YouTube. A special three-dimensional capture camera and a good idea are enough to take advantage of this increasingly popular new format.

For those who barely read on the subject, for a few months YouTube added support for uploading and playing 360-degree videos, allowing the public a new immersive experience in the consumption of video content that leaves control at your fingertips and left and right review of what you see.

A floating wheel at the bottom left of such videos is the signal to indicate that 360-degree scrolling is available, in fact, since it works on both desktops and mobile devices (iOS and Android), it goes great up to with the contents related to virtual reality.

Anyway, the new ad format has already been tried by companies like Coca-Cola and Nike, but only until now has it been made available to the wide public of TrueView video Ads users present in AdWords campaigns. Of course, seeing the previous pair of examples in action is more enriching:

  1. An Announcement Celebrating 100 Years of Coca-Cola Bottles
  1. A Nike ad featuring Neymar Jr. and his new booties.

Once again, 360 playback works in the web version as in the YouTube app for iOS and Android.

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