Google launches Android Experiments, a collection of experimental applications on Android devices

The technologies that have been included within Chrome have allowed us to expand and improve its capabilities, and as a sample of what it can offer, Google has a website where the collection of experiments published to date is exhibited.

In a similar line but focused on Android devices, Google has just opened Android Experiments, a new website where a collection of experimental applications is exhibited that allow showing the capabilities and possibilities that Android phones and smart watches can offer under Android Wear taking advantage of the technologies they have.

All the applications in the collection will be available under open source, which will allow other developers to see the application code to see how they have been carried out. The applications exhibited in the collection have used tools such as Android SDK, OpenFrameworks, Cinder or Unity, among others, according to Google.

Currently the site has about 20 applications ranging from an experimental compass that allows you to discover existing landmarks around yourself to an interactive drawing plotter application. In addition, the collection is open to further submissions by developers.

It should be noted that the collection of experiments does not have its own collection in the Google Play Store, although they allow it to be found and downloaded from the same application store, according to a spokesperson for the company to the TechCrunch publication.

In this way, it is possible to know the capabilities that the technologies integrated in Android and Android Wear devices can offer in a fun and curious way, making it possible to know better and learn from the possible capabilities that they can offer that allow their application to development. from other applications.