Google launches Google Drive plugin for Microsoft Office on Windows

Google surprises us today with the launch of a new plugin that allows Microsoft Office users on Windows to access, edit and save changes to those documents that are available within Google Drive. This also means that if they have started to create new documents on their desktops, they will also be able to save them within Google Drive, meaning Google Drive with the place to keep all your important files, according to the company in its statement, in which he adds that this new release is part of his open approach.

In this way, those Office for Windows users who download and install the plugin will now be able to use Google Drive to access, edit and save their important files, giving users greater freedom of choice when deciding on which applications and devices want to access and edit their documents. This is added to the fact that last November, Google released an extension for its Chrome browser that made it possible to open documents hosted on Google Drive directly through desktop applications.

Undoubtedly, this is a striking launch but it gives users the freedom of choice even through the use of tools and devices from rival companies, interoperating with them beyond the Google ecosystem itself.

The plugin is available for free through the page enabled for it, in which users only have to press the Download button, in addition to reading and accepting the terms of the agreement.