Google launches Landmarker, an android experiment to find interesting sites

From Google Creative Lab, the laboratory of Google experiments, they usually launch android applications in test mode. At the moment they have five, available here, and today we are going to see one that I personally find quite interesting.

This is the ugly Landmarker, a black and white application that we can use anywhere in the city to, focusing on the horizon, obtain information on points of tourist interest that are in the indicated direction.

By clicking on the displayed points, we will automatically go to Google Maps, who will tell us how to get there.

It can be compared to a compass from which we can get anywhere thanks to information from the mobile, although it may be somewhat strange to see tourists with the phone in front of their eyes walking towards the indicated destination.

Among the other applications in this category of experiments we have a photo editor that gives them a rather surreal speed effect, a photo camera that allows us to exchange one person's eyes for another (or for any animal) , a question and answer application integrated with Chromecast and a collaborative photo panel also created for Chromecast.

The votes of the users at the moment are not excellent, and rightly so, it is not a big deal, although originality is not lacking.