Google launches the "+1" button

Google launches the “+1” button

Google still wants to integrate people’s preferences in searches. We already know that recommendations on social networks affect the position of websites, and now it launches a function that allows sharing recommendations in search results thanks to +1 button. All you have to do to recommend something is click on the +1 icon that will appear next to the link of a web page or advertisement that is considered interesting or useful. Then these +1 will start to appear in the results of the searches made. The idea is to get the right recommendations, at the right time and in the right format. To do this, they look for the people with whom the user is already connected through Google (they are already working with the integration on Twitter) so that the recommendations are more relevant the more the system is used. In the portal they inform how to start using +1:

To start +1-marking the results that the user likes, you will have to create a Google profile or, if you already have one, you will have to update it. The profile will allow you to see, from a single site, everything that the user has recommended and you can also delete what you no longer want to recommend. To see results marked with +1, you will need to log into your account.

At the moment this function is available in English on and will appear only next to ads and search results, but later it will be found on other websites or Google products.More information: Google +1 buttonUpdate: You can activate it from