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Google now shows the hours in which a local occupies more

A new feature in Google, in your search engine and probably soon also in Google Maps, will make it possible to know at what hours of each day of the week a place is busiest, that is, At what point is it assumed that the place has more visitors or is usually free.

The magic to get such relevant information is found in the anonymous data and historical location records similar to those that, when establishing a route in Google Maps for later navigation, allow us to know the streets with the most traffic to avoid them.

So, the ideal here is to know the most popular hours of each place to also avoid them, for example, Know the best time to go to a specific gym or know the best time to go out when buying the market in a private store.

A GIF shows what the novelty looks like to be shown, with bar graphs, next to the space that highlights the hours of operation of each location on their information cards. The example is based on the search for a coffee maker called Blue Bottle Coffee -we have confirmed that it works-:

The function is announced in the Google profile on Google+ where they assure that it works or begins to work- in millions of places and businesses around the world.

Additionally, Mike Blumenthal of blumenthals.com, has shared some additional details that the people of Google have been able to confirm, for example, that for now it is only available when searching for premises from Android and the Chrome and Safari browsers, that the information is anonymous and to be presented especially in popular locations that are reached on foot or are marked within the local listings of Google Maps.

In short, a simple metric that will surely be useful for many when it is not that it is a headache for others.