Google One Pass - So we can charge readers for our content

Google One Pass – So we can charge readers for our content

Google just announced a new platform: Google One Pass. It is an application that allows us to charge our readers for our content, since the registration page is completely in Spanish.

[…] offers a one-stop-shop and content-anywhere viewing functionality that enables users to view the content they purchase from any device.

Publishers who adopt this system will be able to choose the price for the content, as well as import the list of existing subscribers.

Google One Pass offers a user authentication, payment processing and administration system that allows publishers to focus their efforts on creating high-quality content for their readers.

We can choose the payment methods (it works with Google Checkout) and control the type of content on the site, separating what will be free and what will cost. It is possible to charge for each item individually, offer daily or monthly subscriptions or packages of several copies.A good idea that can work very well with some sites that can offer highly specialized content.More information, in Spanish, in the google blog of Latin America.