Google patent shows wearable that informs if you are a driver or passenger

When we use the mobile phone in the car, or some smart watch, we usually see warnings related to the danger that it has to consult or write while driving. Waze, without going any further, prevents us from carrying out certain actions because it assumes that we are driving, and it is necessary to manually specify that we are only passengers.

Now we see that Google has been worrying about this issue. Registered a patent for a wearable device, or some component that could be installed in the existing mobile or watch, that would be smart enough to detect if we are actually driving or not.

Accredited to Mohammed Waleed Kadous, and assigned to Google, it shows how, thanks to a combination of position indicators, a variable could be obtained that shows the probability that the user is driving (turning the steering wheel, changing gears, moving a handlebar one bicycle…). It should not be difficult to obtain this information, and with it it is possible to unlock or cancel functions until it is detected that we are not carrying out any other priority activity.

The idea is simple, but so far we have no device that uses it. At most they tell us if we are in a car or not, but they are not able to identify what we are doing with our hands, something that seems to be numbered.