Google prepares "Google Offers", the competition of Groupon

Google prepares “Google Offers”, the competition of Groupon

If less than 12 hours ago Google announced that Eric Schmidt will not be its CEO as of April 4, being replaced by the co-founder Larry Page, and shortly after Eric decides that he will sell 335 million dollars of his shares in the company (of which to be CEO), now comes another tremendous news: Google is preparing Google Offers, to compete with the ubiquitous Groupon. The news appears on Mashable, although it does not surprise anyone. If a few months ago Google tried to buy Groupon for 6 billion dollars, without success, it is not unusual that now they want to create their own product. The idea is the same as the giant of offers, offering valid discounts for 24 hours to get a certain number of interested parties. Here is the document (PDF) that Google is sending to businesses to start moving the project. I leave you with part of it so that you know the details: Translating partially: 1 – Create your offer: To begin, identify a product or service in which you want to offer a discount to attract new customers, including any quantity limits. two – Prepare the markting: Our team helps you create the best text for the offer as well as includes an image that represents the service or product you are offering. 3 – Throw the offering: The material will be sent to local subscribers, advertising through Google and its networks and featured on the Google Offers site. Customers who want to try the offer will have to pay in advance. 4 – Collect the money: Three days after launch, Google will pay you after withdrawing your commission. 5 – Serve customers: Customers will look for you with the offer in hand, either on paper or with a version on their mobile phones that include a barcode for correct identification. This number must be included in the tool that Google offers to identify the customer.