Google Presentations now allows you to take them on Hangouts video calls on Android

The deployment of the possibility to send presentations to video calls made in Hangouts, Google's communications tool, has already begun through the Google Presentations application for the Android platform.

This has been indicated by Google in a recent statement, where it indicates that this possibility is present for both Android phones and tablets. The only thing users have to do is select the option to start the presentation in a Hangouts video call, where once started, they will have the necessary tools to navigate through the available slides, access the speaker's notes, as well as access to a timer. Likewise, before starting the presentation, they will be able to see who is available within the video-call.

The support to carry presentations in video calls in Hangouts is one more step for the Google Presentations application, which launched support for Chromecast and AirPlay last June in order to allow presentations to be viewed comfortably. through the large screens of the televisions themselves, as we mentioned at the time. It is perhaps probable that users will not yet enjoy the new possibility, since they will be arriving globally throughout these days.

Google Presentations for Android is available through Google Play for phones and tablets from version 4.0 onwards, being its installation or update completely free.