fiber phone

Google presents "Fiber Phone", a landline phone to use with its fiber optics

While millions of homes around the world are canceling their landline, depending solely on mobile phones, Google now presents a strange step in this sector.

This is Fiber Phone, a landline telephone service that, for 10 dollars a month, allows, while maintaining the same number of customers, to call unlimitedly within the United States and enjoy attractive rates to call outside the country.

On the presentation website,, they indicate that they will only be available in the cities where Google's Fiber Optic exists, so it is currently quite limited, but they indicate several functions that are attractive enough for many await the arrival of something like this in their region.

It allows, for example, to receive calls made to the landline directly on our mobile phone, configure spam filters, define do not disturb periods, access emergency services with one click, receive calls from voicemail in the form of a text message in the mobile phone (something possible thanks to the automatic voice recognition system) … a service that can endanger many telecommunications companies that still live on landlines.

The goal is that customers in Fiber cities can have a complete plan for TV, Internet and mobile, something that many other operators have been looking for for a long time.