Google publishes the most popular search lists of the year

As usual year after year, Google has just published in Google Trends the most popular search lists throughout 2015, revealing the most peculiar and striking information.

It is interesting to note that Google Trends allows us to consult this information both globally and nationally. If we focus on world data, we can see that the terms that grew the most in terms of searches compared to the previous year have been Lamar Odom, Charlie Hebdo,, Jurassic World, Paris, Furious 7, Fallaout, Ronda Rousey, Caitlyn Jenner and American Sniper. If we analyze the trends in Spain, the search engine giant has revealed that the searches that have grown the most throughout the year have been Big Brother 16, Eurovision, Survivors, Elections, The Voice, Paris, Charlie Hebdo, Eurobasket, Jurassic World and, finally, Municipal Elections.

The company has also been responsible for compiling the most searched terms and dividing them into the following categories: how to be ?, what if, how to avoid ?, how to know? and what to do when? Within each of the categories we can access the ten search terms most entered by users. Continuing with the data from Spain, we can highlight some quite surprising: What to do when you are bored, how to know if my WiFi is stolen, how to avoid jealousy, what would happen if your daughter made up or how to be a youtuber.

Without a doubt, the most popular search lists prepared by Google every year are a clear reflection of what interests Internet users in each country the most, so we strongly recommend consulting them. Next, we leave you with a video in which Google has summarized the year 2015 in searches: