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Google Rack Cards Now Show Movie Reviews

Millions are looking for criticism in Google, so it is a priority for the search engine to offer such content in a more comfortable format for its users. Well, they mention on the Google developer blog the inclusion of new rich snippets for movie reviews and soon also for books and TV series.

The rich snippets they are just labels applied to web content that facilitate their indexing and analysis by Google's Knowledge Graph, the search engine technology that allows information of enormous public interest to be displayed within information cards that are easier to consume.

They are not something new since they have been present since 2009 when star rankings began to appear in Google results, provided by popular web portals, for example, when searching for reviews of hotels and other venues, however, until now only shows interest in adapting them for film reviews.

So, if you have a website where you post critical movie reviewsYou can implement the new code to allow fragments and links to them to be considered within Google's information cards, by the way, accompanied by the evaluations given by world leaders in the area.

Meanwhile, if you are simply a cinema fan, now you will find these new cards when looking for information about your favorite tapes, whether you consult from a desktop computer or from mobile phones and tablets as shown in the screenshot. Once again, they will also be coming for books and TV soon.

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