Google removes Streamus from the chrome store, the music plugin with 300,000 users

Streamus It was an extremely popular extension in the Chrome Store, a plugin that used YouTube data to offer music, something clearly prohibited in YouTube's usage policies.

It has taken a long time, they have let 300,000 people use this plugin, created three years ago, users who were looking for music without having to watch videos, who had their own spotify within reach of a click, for free …

Now, as we can see on, the download has stopped working, and on The Next Web they explain the reasons: Google has canceled their access to the API.

In 2014 YouTube sent a message to the person in charge of Streamus requesting the withdrawal of the application, and there the alterations began to comply with the rules imposed by Google. In this way Streamus has been updated fulfilling several requirements, but not all, until today its access has been canceled. TNW shows the emails that circulated between Google and Sean Anderson, the system's programmer, an information flow that includes a personal visit to Google's offices.

In this reddit thread they continue talking about the matter, although Google has not yet spoken, so we do not know if there is any possibility that Streamus will return to the old ways or if it is a permanent deletion.