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Google Translate's real-time voice translation feature

Google Translate has an excellent simultaneous translation function that not everyone knows. Its objective is to recognize what we are saying and transform it into text to later translate it into any language, something extremely useful when we are traveling to a country and do not speak its language. This feature has been updated today to work better on slow connections.

To facilitate access to this function, we have prepared a video explaining it with details:

This option is useful, but it only works to communicate to two or more people, not to recognize what is written on a poster, for example, so it is important to remember this other function that Google Translate also has: capture text in photos and translate it immediately, something they already do in 27 different languages ​​(today they have done the enlargement).

Here is the second video:

It's been a long time since Google Translate stopped being a simple dictionary translator, and this couple of functions prove it. Hopefully they will help you on your next trip.

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