Google TV apps in the United States

As I announced a few hours ago, today Google has launched its official website presenting Google TV at www.google.com/tv, publishing the first post on its official blog googletv.blogspot.com.

A few hours later, on the official blog of Latin America they commented that there is no scheduled date for the launch in the region, giving details of the project’s situation in the United States.

Many partners in the United States have expressed interest in how they can use the Google TV platform to personalize, monetize and distribute their content in new ways. Most of those partner sites are already working with Google TV, but many are looking for ways to further enhance their premium web content so it can look good on TV.

Turner Broadcasting has been working to optimize some of its most popular websites for viewing anytime on Google TV, including TBS, TNT, CNN, Cartoon Network, and Adult Swim. NBC Universal has collaborated with Google TV to bring CNBC Real-Time, an application that allows you to follow the stock exchanges of your choice, access news feeds and view CNBC financial news directly on your television screen. HBO provide access to hundreds of hours of Google TV programming with HBO GO. Authenticated subscribers will soon be able to access their favorite HBO content on-demand on an enhanced website for Google TV. NBA has built NBA Game Time, an application that allows you to follow the results of the games in real time and keep up to date with the latest news on the teams you prefer in high definition.

They have also partnered with various content providers to put thousands of movies and TV shows, on demand, right on TV.

Amazon Video on Demand offers access to more than 75,000 titles to rent or buy, while Netflix offers the ability to instantly watch an unlimited number of movies and TV shows, at any time, directly on the television.

On the other hand, they were working with some technology and media companies to optimize their content for Google TV.

[…] including news sites like The New York Times and USA Today; music sites like VEVO, Pandora, and Napster; information networks such as Twitter; and online networks like blip.tv. And with YouTube Leanback we can offer the best experience for watching viral videos and customizing channels on the TV.

Here you have the official video so you can see the applications that, for now, will be integrated into Google TV.