Nuevo Modo Bsico para Google TV

Google TV will have Basic Mode, which will prevent the use of smart functions

There was a time when televisions came to be called the dumb box, a denomination that has lost weight with the disappearance of televisions that used picture tube technologies, and hence the so-called ass of televisions. .

And for a long time, it has been tried to complement the functions of televisions by integrating devices that make them smart, although little by little, models have also arrived that come with built-in smart capabilities.

Aimed at specific user niches

With all this evolution, it is striking that Google is now working on a Basic Mode for televisions that run Google TV (the evolution of its entertainment platform for televisions), which basically simplifies the experience, allowing only users to have access to live TV content received directly from a connected TV antenna or from devices connected via HDMI ports.

This Basic Mode eliminates personalized recommendations, applications and other intelligent functions, as they have been able to know from 9to5Google, which has had access to an HDMI dongle that Google uses in its internal tests, noting that this mode also offers the possibility of accessing a complete experience from Google TV, although from the full Google TV experience to Basic Mode a complete reboot of the device will be necessary.

The televisions under Google TV will begin to arrive from this year

At the moment, this function will be in the hands of those users who acquire a television model under Google TV from brands such as Sony and TCL, among other possible ones, as they arrive on the market, since there is currently no television under Google TV available, and It is unknown if this mode will also reach Android TV, although Google indicates to the aforementioned medium that this new mode is not linked to Android TV 12.

A Google spokesperson clarified to the aforementioned medium that the Basic Mode is aimed, firstly, at users who lack an Internet connection, and secondly, for those users who want to expand the useful life of their televisions once they begin to notice that software can lose performance over time, although on the other hand, in Basic Mode it will also be of special interest for those users concerned about privacy and wish to put aside the intelligent features, obtaining the most basic possible.

Image Credit: 9to5Google