Test My Site

Google updates Test My Site, new functions to measure the performance of a mobile website

Test My Site is an interesting Google tool that measures different factors of our website, to analyze its performance on mobile devices.

Now they announce an update of the tool, adding a series of features that will help us analyze the speed of our website and its impact on visitors.

First, show us the loading time of our website, taking as a reference that our imaginary visitor is using Chrome, on a MotoG4 device, which operates with a 3G network.

Depending on the result of this speed index, we will have a loading time that can range from Poor to Excellent.

Other factors analyzed are the Estimated Loss of Visitors (according to the result of the previous index). According to the data shared by Google:

As the page load time varies from one to seven seconds, the bounce probability of visitors to a mobile site increases by 113%

And finally, give us a analysis of similar websites ours so that we can see in what speed scale it leaves us taking into account the competition.

And of course, it will also provide us with tips to improve the performance of our website and improve loading time. For example, you can suggest optimizing images, adjusting JavaScript elements, etc.

And if we want a more detailed report, we just have to leave our email address.