Google will close abandoned local Google+ pages on the 28th

Through the Local Search Forum forums, Google has issued a statement in which it points out that as of July 28, Google will close those Google+ Local pages that are not linked to user accounts and that are not are verified.

It is a cleaning that Google is going to carry out to eliminate those local pages that are in a state of abandonment, although according to Mike Blumenthal, the measure is also a final step in separating the local pages from Google+, taking into account Account previous movements in which capacities have been subtracted from Google+.

It should be noted in this regard that the aforementioned pages that Google is going to unsubscribe are not positive either for the products or companies to which they belong or for the users themselves, who will find information without updating. To this we must add the incentives that Google is carrying out so that users claim their pages and actively participate with Google My Business.

After the announcement, there is a division of opinions among users, where some will opt in favor while others are against it, depending on the position in which each one is. According to Mike Blumenthal, Google+ and Google Local are no longer going to be bedmates, not yet clear