Google will disable access to the search autocomplete API

When we search for something on Google we see how the search phrase can be completed automatically, something that we have been used to for years (above you have an example of what I mean).

This function that allows you to complete sentences using the Google database, intelligence based on what people search the Internet, is used by many programmers using an unofficial API, the result of a reverse engineering project that allows the use of the Same technique in projects that are not related to the Google search engine.

It is possible, for example, to use that API to put a search engine within our system that performs intelligent searches in our database using the philosophy of Google in your search engine.

Now Google informs in its blog that access to said API will be canceled, since it was neither officially presented by Google nor can it be used outside the context for which the technology was created: its own search engine.

Access to the API will be canceled on August 10, and developers who use it are encouraged to consider the option of using their Google Custom Search Engine (users who currently use the Google Custom Search Engine will not be affected. by the measure).