Google will give new impetus to the adoption of Android One in India

Google has seen that its Android One initiative in India has suffered a series of setbacks since it was launched last September in New Delhi, from the problems of mobile device supplies to the existence of local competition, through the small local local advertising market, challenges that you will have to face within the new impulse that you will carry out within your initiative. This was stated by Rajan Anandan, managing director of India and Southeast Asia, to the Financial Times.

In this sense, to try to reach a significant number of users in India, now it is intended to put Android mobile devices on the market that range from $ 31 to $ 47, lower prices than the Android mobile devices that are They put on the market at the launch of the initiative, costing around $ 100.

They will also face the growth of content suitable for the Indian market, for which they launch an investment program that will be able to host small companies, together with the need to launch their own (Google) products adapted to function properly under the existing connectivity conditions, currently with slow connections. In this sense, Google already has offline versions of YouTube and Maps, as well as a reduced version of its search engine.

It should be borne in mind that the Android One initiative consists of the provision of a series of requirements at the hardware and software level that must be met by the mobile devices that those manufacturers that join it, must meet, making it possible to reduce costs and time linked to the manufacture of affordable mobile devices, oriented to emerging markets.