Google would be distributing a new version of Google Glass aimed at the world of work

Everything seems to indicate that the Google guys are distributing a new version of Google Glass whose main difference from the version we all know is that it would be aimed at the world of work. Specifically, the search engine giant will seek to promote its use in the health and production sector.

At least, this is what we have been able to read in the Wall Street Journal, where they affirm that unlike the version addressed to the general public, the new model would simply be a small computer attached to a button and hinge system designed to be mounted on any type of glasses. In this way, the new Google Glass for the working world can be used on any type of glasses, being able to fit them in protective glasses used in factories and laboratories. From the Wall Street Journal they also affirm that Google would have chosen not to announce this new device officially, but instead opted to distribute the glasses to the companies with which it reached agreements. The goal of the technology giant is for different companies to start using the new device this fall.

From the source they have also taken the opportunity to communicate some details about the next version of Google Glass aimed at the consumer public, which apparently would have a whole year of work ahead of it.

Source: Wall Street Journal