Google - Material Design

Google's office suite already follows Material Design guidelines

We start the day with a update related to the Google office suite, made up of tools as popular as Google Docs and Google SpreadSheets. After having been testing the change in G Suite, Google has decided to update the design of all the tools in its office suite, which finally follow the guidelines of the known Material Design.

As we have mentioned on previous occasions, the objective of Material Design is unify the appearance of the tools compatible with your products betting on a clean and characteristic design. Thanks to the change, the Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations and Sites tools now have an interface that supports a more current design.

From Google they have indicated that these are static changes, so There is no functional change in any of the tools mentioned. Even so, users of Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations and Sites will be able to check the change of the typeface used, the improvement of buttons, dialogues and menu bars and the use of an updated iconography.

Without a doubt, this is a movement that shows Google's interest in continuing to bet on Material Design in all its tools. In fact, since Google have taken the opportunity to indicate that they will continue to include similar changes in other applications in the future. The changes we are talking about will be gradually updated, so it could be a few days until we see them materialized in our account.