BMW i8

Gorilla Glass begins to appear in cars

BMW i8

Gorilla Glass, the glass used in many mobile phones to offer shock resistance, began to be used as a material in cars, with BMW being the first to test it, according to the Associated Press (AP), on one of the internal panels of the i8.

Ford also bet on the material, in this case for the windshield of the new GT, expected for 2016.

It is much lighter and stronger than other options, thus helping to decrease the weight of the cars, allowing less fuel consumption. Currently, two sheets of glass with a plastic layer in between are used, so the change to Gorilla Glass will be really significant (in the case of the Form, a 32% reduction in weight is expected).

Ford GT

In G1 they have already made tests hitting with different objects, and the result can be seen in several photos all published (Gorilla Glass did not notice any of the impacts).

At the moment, use in passenger windows is not expected, since it is important that they can be broken from the inside in the event of an accident, but use in other parts of cars is expected.

As for the price: it can increase about 50 dollars with respect to the previous material, something that does not have much weight if we take into account the cost of the vehicle.

Here is the video that Ford has prepared on the subject: