goviralnetwork - Monetize your website by spreading viral videos

goviralnetwork – Monetize your website by spreading viral videos

goviralnetwork is a platform that allows us to monetize our web publication with viral videos. It has been proven that video on the web is becoming increasingly attractive to readers, so it makes sense that the advertising market is betting heavily on this format at the same time that connection speeds increase in homes.

Goviral allows the publication of videos as a video posted on our website as content or by installing the Syndicated Player, the goviral player that randomly plays campaign videos according to the country of the visitor to our site.

The platform allows us to classify our website in a certain category according to the content, so that the open ads are appropriate for the type of audience we have.

Goviral serves campaigns in many categories, from automotive (Hyundai, Kia, Dunlop), beauty and fashion (Gucci, Martini Gold by D&G, Converse), to technology (LG, Nokia, Sony), video games (PlayStation, Nintendo) and campaigns. awareness (Biodiversity, Anti-smoking, health campaigns for the European Union).

Videos can also be posted on Facebook, allowing you to monetize groups and pages on this social network.

To use the application we have to register at and access the campaign videos obtaining the HTML code to be able to publish them on the web.

For every click of target users of the campaign, you receive profit. You can target the videos for Spain, or open them also to other countries according to the traffic to your website.

Here I leave you with a video tutorial and more information about the company.