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Graava, smart action camera that captures specific moments

In recent years, we have seen the proliferation of action cameras, a market that began with the launch of the popular GoPro and in which we currently have different models from different manufacturers, being able to choose those that fit our Specifications.

Let's choose the action camera we choose, then comes the task of finding those key points of our recordings when editing the videos, an aspect that Graava will try to solve, a new action camera that will be launched on the market next month. February 2016, although interested users will be able to pre-order, each costing only $ 249, taking into account that when it is launched on the market, it will cost $ 399.

Graava's idea is to use five sensors, which will determine, through the changes they detect, the beginning of the recordings to obtain the most outstanding moments. The five sensors it has are the camera itself, the microphone, the accelerometer, the GPS and a heart rate monitor.

The recordings will be made in high definition, in Full HD at 30fps, and will be through the mobile application, available for Android and iOS, from where the automatic editing will be performed according to the parameters established by the users. In this way, they will be able to indicate from the duration they want for their videos, condensing them until the indicated time, to the musical themes that accompany it. The results will be processed from the devices themselves and the hosting will be done through the cloud. As it could not be otherwise, the edited videos could be shared by different channels.

The Graava cameras will also have bumpers prepared to be attached to any element, be it a helmet, sports glasses, or other, and will have its own wireless charging stand, which can also be used as a support to use the cameras as video surveillance system, among other aspects.

The launch of Graava occurs as a result of the accident suffered by one of the team's components when he was cycling in a park, where he saw the need for an intelligent camera to record specific moments and not an entire continuous recording, such as the He was doing when he was cycling on the day of the accident, coming to the need to find the specific point of the accident and to make it possible to detect the driver of the car, who fled.

One more aspect to consider of the Graava cameras is that if other people have one of them in the same event, such as family or friends, the same application can also synchronize and obtain the recordings of others for inclusion in the edition.