Greenify already allows automatic hibernation on non-rooted devices on an experimental basis

We have already told you about Greenify on a couple of occasions, a well-known application for Android devices that allows those processes and applications that do not need to be active to hibernate, with the consequent saving in resources and performance of the same. Earlier this year, we echoed that Greenify had already included support for non-rooted devices, allowing it to make use of almost all of its features, except for the automatic hibernation feature.

The new update that Greenify has just made available to users through Google Play, has just incorporated the automatic hibernation function for devices not rooted under Android 4.1 onwards, but that yes, available experimentally, having that enable within experimental settings.

With this, users of non-rooted devices can already use this function instead of manually hibernating those processes and applications that they do not need. In case they do not work, they will always have the option of using the hibernation shortcut and screen lock, which allows to hibernate processes and applications as well as turning off the screen.

Greenify is available for free and updated for Android devices through Google Play, the new version has not yet reached the Amazon AppStore.