llamadas grupales skype

Group video calls now work on Skype web and Outlook.com Skype

Good news for Skype users as they may now be less dependent on the native applications of such a communication service: Group audio and video calls already work in Skype for web (beta version) and in Skype for Outlook, a couple of solutions that hardly require an updated web browser to work.

The novelty is presented to accompany the recent incorporation of group instant messaging from such web services. Thus, it is already possible from such browser versions to make voice calls with up to 25 people simultaneously, in addition to executing video calls with up to 10 users per conversation.

And everything is offered for free, a detail that will surely move the user fees of similar solutions offered by third parties since, although the new group communication system will be useful to share with family and friends, more than one team will be able to see it. benefited by the practicality of implementing such a popular service as it requires less and less to function.

Finally, to carry out these group communications, simply log in to Outlook.com or web.skype.com, run Skype for the case of Outlook -with the respective button on the upper right-hand side, press the + button to start a new one conversation, select the contacts of interest, confirm the selection with the verification icon and finally choose between video call or group call.

More information: Official Skype blog