Groupee Love - online dating social network

Groupee Love – online dating social network

In recent times, social networks are allowing us to be in contact with our friends forever, making it possible for us to meet new people, having contact with all of them from different tools that they put at our disposal, reaching a point where future couples are created. . And this is where it comes in Groupee Love, a social network that allows us to create online dating spaces. Users have our personal profile, where we will show some information and photos of ourselves, allowing other users to open chat connections, send us private messages, send us prefixed phrases, add us to favorites, invite us to created groups and assess our profile. In addition, we can have access to the history of visits on our profile. The interesting part comes within the groups, since When we create any group, we can establish a series of criteria that the rest of the users must meet in order to be part of it., like us when we want to join groups created by other users. Come on, the groups on this platform can be segmented to the extent that we want, by age, country, income level … In each group we can basically open and continue discussions.