Groupme - Group messaging with many options

Groupme – Group messaging with many options

Groupme is an application for iphone, Android and Blackberry mobiles that allows you to create groups with people who are already in the phone’s contacts. When a message is sent to a group, all its members receive it instantly as if it were a chat room. Each group has a unique telephone number to which you can not only send messages but also call and make a conference. You can share your location with people in a group, to know where your friends are and see everyone on a map. There is no lack of the possibility of sharing images with the group. Finally, on their blog, they report a last surprise, which is the agreement that they have reached with five brands (currently five) to offer different promotions. The most prominent is the legendary rock group Bon Jovi he’s using GroupMe to help his fans chat about his shows, events, presentations, causes, and whatever else. They raffle in their GroupMe group exclusive merchandising, photos, discs, DVDs signed by the band. Also, on their 2011 tour, Bon Jovi will give GroupMe users the chance to win backstage passes, upgraded seats, etc. As you can see in the images, it has an elegant and efficient design, an interesting alternative to the famous WhatsApp.