Groupon launches in the online food ordering and shipping segment with Groupon To Go

After two weeks of acquiring the online food ordering platform called Orderup, available in more than 40 cities, Groupon begins today the launch of its new online food ordering and shipping service called Groupon To Go, being currently available only in the city of Chicago, currently supporting more than 500 restaurants in the city.

Also, starting this coming fall, Groupon To Go will also be landing in the cities of Austin and Boston, as planned. The official launch of this service is preceded by the tests that it has been carrying out since last March of this year.

Regarding the future of the new service, Groupon plans to add a series of improvements that take it away from the basic level that it is at present, where to incorporate features for tracking orders in real time, the possibility of ordering in groups or even the possibility to program specific dates and times for sending orders, something that may sound quite interesting, taking into account that in this sector there are already other services with which it has to compete, such as Seamless or Eat24, among others.

Of course, Groupon To Go is on the same page as its main service, so that current users will be able to save a 10% discount on their orders, although the offer will not be available permanently. Lastly, Groupon wants to keep the Orderup name for those mid-size markets while going as a Groupon in big cities.