Gus – The book scanner that recommends new readings, launches a new version

The last time you used Gus ( I managed to scan the barcode of over a hundred books from my personal library in less than an hour. Keeping my favorite works on the phone and seeing recommendations made based on the notes I give to each of the titles already stored is something that, for me, has enormous value.

Since then I have been in contact with Thibaut Deleval, its creator, who has been telling me about the new features of the system. Now they launch a new version, so new that it requires direct installation from iTunes or Google Play, no updates from the previous version.

Once the application is installed we will have to identify ourselves with our login and password and see how the data is still there (they are in the cloud), so you do not have to worry about the hundreds of books that we have already scanned in the past.

The use of the application is simple: we look for the barcode of the book, we capture it with the camera in the Gus application and, after identifying the data, we save it to our account and we score it. Gus will be in charge of making recommendations for new readings based on the notes we have been giving. In this new version we also have a book finder (to avoid depending on the scanner) and the option to select a language: Spanish or English.