Habitloop, ideas and tools to create new habits

Habitloop is an app for iOS that has a series of functions that allow us to create and track new habits.

His idea is to use our behavior patterns to choose an action that works as a trigger and triggers our willingness to take care of our new habit.

The app suggests a series of small habits that we can implement to improve different aspects of our lives. For example, we will find habits to keep fit, improve our diet, take care of our mental health, etc.

We will see many suggestions that we can implement, each of them with the corresponding title and the trigger that will help us create our new habit.

If we can't find one that fits the lifestyle we want to develop, we can create our own habits. Always remembering that they have to be small, since the idea is not to overwhelm us with big changes, but rather to build our new routine with small steps.

We will have different reminders throughout the day to keep our commitment in mind, as well as options to track our habits. And of course, we can modify our habit, pause it, or delete it.

To test the dynamics proposed by this app, we just have to download it from the App Store.